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The recent engagement of comedian Kevin Hart to Eniko Parrish started a comment parade on the internet, mainly because of the errrr ummm timing.

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This episode of the Battle of The Sexes Show™ expert chat series features Sex Therapist, author of “The Men On My Couch”, Dr.Brandy Engler.

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If you’ve ever been called needy or a stalker watch this. I talk about how you can overcome neediness and get the adoration from your partner that you deserve:

Google+ Hangout: Low Libido VS. High Libido

As National Singles Week draws nearer, Battle of The Sexes Show will feature exclusive online chats with highly sought after Dating/Sex experts.

Self Improvement: Who Carries The Blame?

We see countless people on a daily basis that disturb our way of thinking. I mean, we’re curious how they could be happy in life with the (503)…(630).

[VIDEO] Nothing Wrong With Being Friends First!

Friendship is an important foundation in relationships. When we develop respect and love without the pressure to be exclusive the transition to becoming one is more natural & valuable.