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Goddess On 3 Men’s Talk Radio Shows- TONIGHT!

I’m so pleased to see that everyone is enjoying our new

The Friendship Market

Last night I was walking around my apartment thinking about all the friendships I have invested in. I am sure we all have had some 

Etiquette Vs. Desire

Social interactions can be tricky for people because we all come different life experiences. Over and through a few hundreds of generations, society


Hindsight is always 20/20. You reflect, look over your shoulder then look over your other shoulder and realize every minute

We Only See Each Other At Night, Are We In a Relationship or Am I a Bootycall?

I was once referred to jokingly (not really) as ‘Bed and Breakfast’ by an ex-thang. I’m sensitive by nature so I was utterly

#DateNight: Paulina Rubio Handbags & Shoes for @JustFabOnline

During my short trip to Los Angeles I learned about an exciting new Spring 2014 shoes & Accessories line that