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[VIDEO] Why You Should Reconsider Dating Someone With Kids

I’ve met and spoken to some singles who act like dating someone with kids is a death sentence, I beg to differ. Why? Well because the reasons I’m given are usually fear based.

[VIDEO] The Truth About Sisterhood

Sisterhood is defined as a close relationship amongst women based on shared experiences; a community or society of women. There are so many organizations and messages in the media promoting sisterhood but they fail to address the dark side of it.

[VIDEO] What To Do When a Platonic Friend Shows Interest

Once upon a time during Battle of The Sexes Show a young lady expressed that she couldn’t be friends with men, because they always wanted more.

[VIDEO] The Perfect Place To Meet Quality Men

If you’re completely frustrated by the choices in the dating pool check out this video. Your ideal guy may be closer than you think!

[VIDEO] Ladies, This Is Why He’s Gone Ghost All Of A Sudden

This week you’ll notice I’m doing videos on topics or questions that I frequently get from readers who email me. The disappearing act is a huge one with my fellow goddesses.

[VIDEO] Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Take Love Advice From Your Friends

NEW VIDEO TIME! Now I want to make this clear before you press play. There is a huge difference between venting & taking love advice from our friends.