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5 Cities, $10,000, 45 Days

I have a habit of dreaming really big, when I was a little girl I managed to create this imaginary world with imaginary characters. They were perfect, they wore trendy designer clothes, they ate well, read great books and they even fought immaculately. I wasn’t a lonely child per se, but I had this uncontrollable imagination and it never died.

I wish I could pull out the drawings and mini scripts I wrote when I would spend hours in my room comfortably in my own world. I was such an odd child! I would study to Wu-tang, spend hours in lala land and I was truly happy. One day I came home to find that my world had been crushed; my neat freak mother took all my hours of creativity and dumped it in the trash. I have no trace of the imaginary world although I still remember the guts of it. I remember that when I was lost in that world, lost in my zone I was happiest.

As an adult I now have the power to interpret imagery into reality. That is probably the greatest gift I’ve received in life thus far. I announced last year that I would be taking my second child Battle of The Sexes on the road. It was a good feeling, I was walking on tip toes for the longest time however, I had no idea how that was going to happen.

I could’ve gone with the sponsor route and snagged coca cola or some other giant to fund the tour but I decided that this is a show for the people. We talk about issues that we experience and live every day. We are the first generation to truly be put in a position to overthrow tradition and be open honest and forthcoming with our demons- Battle of The Sexes helps facilitates that.

I come from a culture that teaches you to suffer in silence. It teaches you to keep up appearances and always put family first no matter what.

Conversely I live in a world where anything is possible and tradition is being broken every day. The race to the top is so severe that folks will do anything for a Klondike bar, even sell their souls.

I value open honest uncensored conversation. I have them with my loved ones, I have a knack for raising eyebrows and asking questions, it’s been like this since birth.

Battle of the Sexes has helped propel the careers of every person involved, from the volunteers to the panelists. It proves that we are stronger when we work together and that our opinions & stories as a community still matter.

I’m stepping completely out of my comfort zone by launching a campaign on to raise funds, $10,000 to be exact to help fund the 5-City Battle of The Sexes Tour. The cities we plan on visiting are: Oakland, Atlanta, Washington D.C, New York City & Los Angeles. This is only the beginning; I have my eyes set on the mid-west and more southern states, Caribbean, UK and Western Canada.

The relationships within the community MUST improve: This means working together more, promoting each other’s businesses and projects, opening up conversations between men and women. I don’t want to bring my children into a world where men and women hate each other or where their own community is cut throat with each others businesses and talents. There is room for everyone to shine!

I really should get into speech writing!

But back to business- Week after week you’ve been reading and watching  me saunter from project to project, I thank you for your support I really do. I am one woman coming from nothing, I have very little family support and I’ve been on my own since my first year of college. I work for every penny I have but this dream is bigger than me at this moment and I need your help. I never wanted something so bad because now, it’s not even about me. It’s about helping others and spreading a message of love, understanding & community.

I have 45 days to raise $10,000 to fund a 5-city Battle of The Sexes Tour (Ohh lord!). With your help this can happen. It benefits you because the best advice especially relationship advice comes from a collective of people and the opinions of both men and women- not just experts. This event gives others a chance to meet like minded people that they may not have run into at the club or on the street. It gives businesses an outlet to showcase their products or services.

I’m in the position to make a difference and I must!

You can donate a little as a $1, I won’t judge. If you have bills to pay and are unable to contribute I respect that to the fullest. You can still help by sharing this post on your social media. Your contribution does not go unrewarded, there are many perks being offered for your generous donations: E-books, tickets, ad placements (for businesses). Check it out and donate what you feel the movement deserves.

The struggle of “detoxing” from an ex-lover is real which is why I’m hosting a private 2.5 hour chat Sunday Feb.17th at 7pm. It will be information & exercise intense. We’ll get to share our personal stories (including my own) and learn ways to “detox” from ex-lovers. Class is only $25 and it comes with a recording. I only have 10 spots open so that we can all have a chance to vent & share.

To sign up or ask me any burning relationship questions email

Upcoming Events:

Dating Event (Toronto)- March, 1, 2013

Battle of The Sexes (Oakland, CA) April 2013

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