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When a woman steps into her point of power she radiates with indescribable beauty, her flaws become favorable and her aim to serve others over takes her selfish desires to be the center of any one person’s universe, because she creates her universe. ~ Goddess Intellect


Hi, I am Goddess Intellect Talk Show Host, Relationship Coach and published author.

  A native of Toronto, Canada- I enjoy sharing my views on love and life from a refreshing, unique and often humorous perspective.

Goddess Intellect readers are an eclectic and ambitious mix of young men and women, mainly between the ages of 25-35, from all over the globe. They read this blog to get a better handle of what goes on inside the mind of a female and ultimately their own romantic relationships.

In February 2009, I decided that the best way for me to work through my pain, frustrations and joys was through blogging. Years later, although the site has gone through a few transformations and been up for major awards my desire to connect with others through my work remains. I’m very passionate about coaching, and helping others. I’ve been coaching professionally for two years and I’m currently working towards my professional certification.


What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service where an individual or couple is assumed to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance. (Source:

What is the difference between Relationship Coaching & Therapy?

This chart helps clearly define the differences between coaching & therapy. (Source:

What is coaching with you like?

Coaching with me is cross between coffee with your best friend and a bootcamp session at the gym. I work with you to achieve the goals you want to achieve in your love life, whether it’s rekindling the flame in your union, building the courage to date again or leaving an unhealthy relationship. I am tough, fair & passionate.


There is never a dull moment in my life. When I’m not blogging, helping others remove blocks in their love life, serving as a youth mentor or planning Battle of The Sexes shows I enjoy yoga, dog walking, and spending time with my significant other.

I am available for interviews, guest posts, and paid speaking engagements. Media Kit available upon request. I personally respond to each and every email, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Thank you for visiting and I hope it won’t be your last!

 ~Goddess Intellect


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