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Battle of The Sexes: Menage Live in NYC!

For the longest time I’ve had the desire to a) take Menage A Talks to a live platform b) connect with members of the blog community on my own terms. That dream has finally come true. I proudly present, “Battle of The Sexes” the first and definitely not the last live episode of Menage A Talks LIVE in New York City.

Battle of The Sexes (Menage A Talks Live In NYC)


Blogtalkradio’s  hottest on-air threesome Menage A Talks is taking the show on the road. Visiting from Toronto, Canada Talk show host and Relationship blogger Goddess Intellect alongside Co-Host and New York Native Nightfall host an evening of love, laughter and fun!

Mix and mingle with the hottest sex and relationship bloggers, meet new people, participate in X-rated yet informative discussion and most importantly bring your playful side along as we duke it out in the Battle of The Sexes.


To engage in eye opening and exciting discussion on often ignored sex and relationship topics in hopes of garnering a deeper understanding between the sexes.



Lincoln Anthony Blades-

Slim Jackson-


Thursday September 29th


Doors open 8pm (Entertainment by Social Tapestry)

Mix and Mingle from 9-10:30pm

Show Starts 10:30pm


Hosts: Goddess Intellect & Nightfall

Location: Nightingale Lounge

Address: 213 Second Avenue

(NW Corner of 13th St. & 2nd Ave.)

Dress Code: Comfortable, sexy but Fly

Cover: $15* (Includes admission to Social Tapestry art show**, Hors d’oeuvres + Goody bag)

*Advanced Tickets Only, Limited number available

** Social Tapestry is first come, first served as space permits

Social Tapestry is a fine arts series with live musical performances. More info can be found on &



Subscribe to Goddess Intellect by email for a special discount on tickets! (Valid until Sept.23rd)

 I am seeking able-bodied, no-nonsense volunteers to help out on the day of the event. If that is you please hit me up for more details!

Contact information:



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Telisha Ng is the Creator of Battle of the Sexes Show, and Goddess Intellect. You can always find Telisha offering fun wisdom and sound advice on relationships. It’s her mission to bring men and women together for love, respect and flirtatious freedom to make the world a better place.
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  1. max (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011

    As it happens, I will be in NYC that day. I will have to stop by.


    • goddessintellect (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011



  2. Nikks (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011

    Sounds like a good time. I’m hoping I can make it! Damn these Alberta travel prices :(


  3. Nightfall (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011

    *Looks up*. Well this should be interesting :)


  4. LuvJones423 (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011

    It’s about to go down! Can’t wait!!!!!


  5. sunnydelyte21 (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011

    I’m looking up train info now…


  6. Nightfall (Reply) on Monday 12, 2011

    Remember if your coming thru try to bring a friend.


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