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Battle of The Sexes Show Recap (Toronto): Monogamy Could Be A Myth

I don’t know if anyone can ride with me on this but writing a recap of your own event that you spent nothing but busting your cojones over…is not an easy task.

In fact I still think the entire evening was dream. How could everything work out the way I had envisioned? Everything? Yes everything.

Battle of The Sexes Show is one of those events you have to be in the room to experience. We opted out of live streaming due to the sultry dark sexiness of the venue (you wouldn’t be able to see a damn thing with White House level live streaming) and really took over the House of Moments art gallery. Here’s how it went down:

The Vibe

Stunning abstract art and Buddhist sculptures decorated House of Moments giving it a warm welcoming yet somewhat ancient; seating was arranged in a lounge setting so if you came alone there was no room to feel awkward or left out of the conversation.

Corseted servers passed platters of delectable canapés before the show- I’m talking mini beef slider, shrimp, salmon rolls, mushroom cromesqui, beet salad..let me stop.

Potential Films recorded and photographed the events of the evening.

Show Topics

I wanted to cover so much topic wise, but the crowd had other plans…and me being somewhat of a spontaneous hostess I threw in topics that I did not originally plan to discuss. We also tried something new and asked each guest submit their burning relationship questions for the panel.

We talked about the current state of the other woman aka hoes be winning (yes everyone’s jaw dropped), open relationships, cheating and income imbalance, how to tell your partner they’re not measuring up in the bedroom, why we cheat…and *rolls eyes* interracial relationships.

Sorry y’all I hate the topic of interracial dating- it goes nowhere fast. My mantra: Keep your nose out of other folks relationships and focus on your own damn love life!

Pop-Up Shop

For this show I wanted to add more value for my guests, so I decided to host a mini pop-up shop Our Pop-Up shop was amazing. Thanks to: Studio Cakes, MWL, Figure 8, DTC Designs, Body By Chosen, and Elle Seon for setting up shop and engaging guests throughout the show.

The Panel

Our panel for “Is Monogamy A Myth?” was highly entertaining and unpredictable. The audience raved about each panel member and still continue to do so even though the show is well over with- Bee Quammie of 83 to Infinity represented for the ladies with her quick wit and flare, Author Elle Seon was fearless and fierce going toe to toe with guests and even other members of the panel, Tosin Bello was the quiet storm strong, traditional well-spoken and charismatic…am I forgetting someone? Ahh yes the 3 time reigning champion of panel land- Author and blogger at TIYC Lincoln Anthony Blades.

No one sees the race leading up to the day of the event, but I have to take this time to embarrass give Mr.Blades a special shoutout- he always checked in and offered assistance throughout the planning process, he’s BEEN a huge supporter of Battle of The Sexes Show and manages to deliver on stage each and every time. Thank you for your continuous support and friendship. Ready for 2013?!


The Dynamic Vibe Entertainment group were our audio sponsors for the evening and definitely set the grown and sexy vibe for the night by spinning classic R&B, soulful and sexy tunes before the show and during our intermission. I coined them the show’s official band, it was like the Letterman show with swag- Thank you fam, love you guys!


For this sexy edition of Battle of The Sexes we introduced a brand new game called “The Chopping Block”. In Toronto slang chopping means- to pick up a person. Last show women raged on about how they were often shown disrespect, men would hiss at them to get their attention …actually it’s more like Pssssst! The Chopping block is a game that tests lyrical prowess when it comes to the art of picking someone up. For the first time ever in life, women participants had to pick up men….You’ll have to wait for the DVD..I am saying no more!

Special shoutout to our games/prize sponsors: Hair By Glenna, Mina Danielle, Born With It, Body By Chosen

The Mens

On November 4th every stereotype about men from Toronto was squashed and thrown under the bus. I’ve never seen so many articulate, handsome suited GQ-type gentlemen in one room in all my life. I hope a few numbers were passed that night. I know a few crushes were formed. Don’t worry I won’t air you out on the blog *giggles*


What a workout! Our audience this time around was far from shy- they were amped (maybe it was the food), passionate and beautiful. They had me doing laps around the venue to get all their wonderful comments and questions. Luckily I was fitted in custom jewelry from DTC designs and a strapless peplum animal dress by Lemor, and throwback red patent leather peep toe kitten heels from Jessica Simpson.


I want to thank my cousins Simone & Melissa for holidng it down at the door and were basically my assistants for the evening. A special thank you to Stephanie Williams who helped with press and our Twitter party.


I can go on and on..but really you had to have been there. The DVD is currently in editing stages and June’s DVD is ready but has yet to be officially released…It’s a long story…but you will be able to purchase everything very soon- Pinky swear.

Check out these photos from the event. The full set will be released shortly.

So the burning question…Is Monogamy A Myth? Maaaan, I believe there are folks who are better off eternally single or swinging. My only suggestion is that you have enough balls to be honest about whatever choice you make to the people you chose to rendezvous with or give your heart too. Lies cause stress and aging…mi na inna dat sintin’! I know that on a personal level I’m not at the level mentally or emotionally where I could handle more than one man or my man having more than one woman…I’m a softie and very selfish. I don’t know what the future holds…but I know myself better than anyone and I love the intimacy of a monogamous relationship, I also appreciate a beautiful chocolate male specimen when I see one…..For now I’m happily on one ;)

Register today for next week’s events!

Nov.28th- From Friend To Boyfriend [Online- Registration only]

Nov.29th- The Bedroom Eye Social- Skin Tone & Seduction [Toronto only]


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  1. Keisha Brown (Reply) on Friday 23, 2012

    Sorry to have missed it! Kudos!


  2. Yinx (Reply) on Friday 23, 2012

    Job well done on Battle of the Sexes!
    It was my first time attending, and I had a great time.
    It was interesting to hear the various perspectives, rebuttals and animated responses from both the panel and audience. Definitely felt engaged and intrigued, and the venue/atmosphere heightened that experienced. I also appreciated the pop-up shop, as it was cool to see local talent display their services and products.

    Look forward to attending future events.


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