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Date Night: The Little Black Dress feat. JenJen House

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Leqee Ltd. All opinions are my own.

One of my Goddess Intellect goals is to bring Date Night back. Over 50% of singles in America have not been out on a date (different from hooking up or hanging out) in over 2 years. Not only is this heartbreaking, but it’s also indicative of a transition to the digital world where our fingers tend to do the socializing and our bodies do the talking.

Hooking up can be an addiction, that makes us perceive dating as a headache, however dating is important. It teaches us more about the other person we’re hoping to become romantically involved with, as well as what we want and don’t want in this partner. It helps us exercise our small talk muscles, but i won’t lie- It can also be really awkward. Don’t worry we’ll work on this together.

Think about it, 5  years ago you would’ve never see your favorite restaurants offering deals on websites in an attempt to drive traffic. Now it seems like every restaurant is advertising on sites like Groupon & TeamBuy.

We need to get our butts out of the house. We need to start interacting with one another again. Online dating should be used as a starting point, a filter and not the place where you develop an intimate relationship.

So to kick-start my “Date Night” initiative I thought I’d start with one of the easiest wardrobe additions to shop for- The Little Black Dress (LBD).

To help me convey my vision, JenJen House offers a large selection of LBD at very affordable prices. Every woman must have a LBD in the closet for last minute invites, fat days, social events where you have no idea what to wear and semi-formal dates to places like the theatre.


We’re going to up our date game this year. We’re not gonna settle for “Can I come over?”, “Can you cook for me?”…that’s cool if you’ve been kicking it for awhile but in the beginning NO.

Now there are some men who will argue with me, but I strongly believe if you are dating with long term commitment in mind you want someone who will be able to not only show you a good time, but cherish and celebrate your interests. Shoot, women want to go out and be shown a good time, but who doesn’t want that?

The little black dress should be u

nleashed after 3 or 4th date. You want to keep it simple on the first few dates with coffee, movies or dinner.

This season (and all seasons) my inspiration is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The understated glamor and feminine silhouettes are what we want to aim for. You’re a woman of high-value, so dress the part.

Check out these Breakfast At Tiffany inspired LBD looks exclusively from JenJenHouse ranging from $99-$140.

The best part about shopping on JenJen House is that you can filter your search by color, size, length, material, down to sleeve and strap type. They provide a seamless shopping experience. Also if you buy at the right time, they offer up to 70% off shipping & weekly specials.

Discussion Questions:

1) Are semi-formal dates a thing of the past?

2) Is dating still necessary?

Comment below or Tweet me @Goddess_I with your answers!

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  1. Chasing Joy (Reply) on Friday 21, 2014

    I like the knee length off the shoulder one.


    • goddessintellect (Reply) on Friday 21, 2014

      That’s my favorite too, very classy!