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Does Flirting Enhance Relationships?

At the end of my weekend I decided to do nothing for awhile after having planned a productive day of work. I needed to be inspired versus work so I reluctantly minimized that word doc and opened up the Netflix. I love movies, they help you escape from reality for just a couple of hours and they keep me inspired with new conversation topics and excitement. Of the movies I watched, Carmen Jones was one of them. I marveled at her glamour, sass and grace. She could throw punches, hypnotize men and dress honey chile yes!

She was fiercely loyal (or so we thought) but never lost the sex appeal that made men go gaga. The it factor, the pepper in pepper sauce, the art of flirting, the main ingredient in lust is what keeps them hooked and somewhat obsessed.

I’ll never forget the look Harry Belafonte’s character had on his face when he comes to the realization that Carmen had found an “extra curricular activity” in the streets of Chicago. That was probably the same look Ice T recently had when flirty pics of his wife Coco showed up on Instagram.

Read the story here!

Yes, we just time traveled from the 1950’s to 2012.

I love flirting. I think that when you lose that sparkle in your eye you lose that passion that causes you to fornicate on living room furniture with your clothes hanging off your limbs.

I flirt with everyone, even women. I think that you should constantly be on an imaginary quest, you should always feel that you are the most desired man or woman in the world and more importantly your partner..if you have one, should feel the same way too.

I’m not sure what caused Coco to post her playful flirty pics with rapper AP.9 (who?) on Instagram but I do know that Ice T’s response on Twitter as well as the couple’s “conversation” was probably best left for a  heated offline reunion with a side of make up sex.

Flirting can become harmful to egos and a relationship especially when others become involved- mainly the public. What’s safe and what’s not? I came up with a mini do’s and don’ts list:

  • DO participate in playful conversation and eye flirting
  • DON’T feel compelled to give out your number if you don’t really want that person
  • DO give out compliments and smile
  • DON’T share pics of playful flirting on Instagram or social media
  • DO flirt with your partner when out in public
  • DON’T flirt with others just to make your partner jealous
  • DO be clear of your relationship status with others
  • DON’T assume your partner is fine you flirting with others. Talk about flirting from the get go!

That’s all I could come up with really. Flirting is really just to keep the passion flowing through your veins; it doesn’t have to be harmful, but let’s go there- What does harmful flirting look like to you? Do you think Coco was right or wrong for posting flirty pics to Instagram?

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  1. King (Reply) on Tuesday 18, 2012

    Cute post, almost made me change my mind about flirting. NOT. The only flirting I think the person I’m with should be doing is with me!


  2. Frankie (Reply) on Tuesday 18, 2012

    I flirt with everyone. I don’t care who he flirts with. There’s nothing wrong with flirting. My flirting can get a bit extreme, and I’ve been called out about it. I’ve toned it down a lot. I think it’s fine if you’re not hiding your relationship status, you’re still flirting with your significant other, you have no intentions of cheating, and if you’re not flirting with your s/o’s friends and family members. Coco was dead ass wrong.