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Goddess Events: Haute For The Holidays Mixer!

This year has been filled with abundance, adventures and absolute fun. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with more readers on a one-on-one basis and added even more members to my blog family- I mean the Blogroll is a separate page altogether. A page that desperately needs updating *adds on to-do list*

As the year comes to a close I thought no better way to celebrate an amazing year then to host a holiday mixer…No, no, no this is not your average awkward-conversation-fake-smile holiday mixer…it’s an intimate, beauty-themed, feel good mixer for both men and women who love the holidays!


 Goddess Intellect & Cocoa Bloom Cosmetics proudly present

Haute For The Holidays

Friday December 14th 2012 @7pm

Join us for makeovers, games, socializing, foooood driiiinks and more

Your Admission: A donation to the Yonge Street Mission Christmas Market (Toy, canned goods or gift card)


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RSVP BY DEC.8TH (Limited space)– EMAIL

The best part- Haute For The Holidays is being held in support of my favorite organization Yonge Street Mission


I’ve been volunteering around the holidays with YSM for a few years now, the first year I dragged my little sister with me to help serve Christmas meal to their youth group and over the years I slowly transitioned into a year around position as a youth mentor.

I love mentoring because it helps me stay  grounded and responsible for my actions. It gives me a reason to practice what I preach and I learn so much about myself by helping others.

YSM’s Christmas Market has a HIGH DEMAND for teen gifts. They are often the last ones parents shop for, especially if there are younger siblings in the house. I remember living in subsidized housing during my teen years and as underprivileged as we were, I loathed the donated gifts I received. Why? Well teens want to fit in with their friends, kinda hard to do with a loud Christmas sweater, a Barbie and dreaded Christmas socks! Teens love to choose their own gifts and go shopping, gift card donations (of up to $20) are perfect for this.

Need more ideas on what to bring? Check out this great Christmas WishList YSM 2012 created by YSM team.

Not in the city and want to support? Hit me up ( and we’ll make it work!

Hope to see you there…let’s toast to a blessed year!

P.s Special mention to Ronnette of Per Diem Vision for designing the Haute For Holidays flyer…isn’t it dope? Hit her up for any graphic design work you need, she’s fam!

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