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Goddess Intellect Turns 4!

It’s been four very cool years since I first decided to open up shop at The site has gone through murmurous transformations including me wiping everything out and starting all over again…Like twice!

Blogging has not only opened many doors of opportunity for me, I’ve made great friends along the way…my blog fam!

Of course the family has grown considerably but I could not have made it without the help, love and support of some key people. Some of these people still have active blogs some do not.

I was gonna go ahead and name them but you know how it is, someone gonna be mad in a corner wondering why I forgot them. Instead I want you to share your most memorable Goddess Intellect moments in the comment section below or feel free to share on my Facebook page & Twitter. Let’s reminisce and celebrate 4 years of brains beauty & boldness *two snaps z-formation*.

~Goddess Intellect

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Battle of The Sexes Tour (Oakland, CA) April 2013

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  1. don (Reply) on Friday 1, 2013

    Happy 4th Blog Anniversary.