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Goddess Spotlights: Mason & Mira- He Says, She Says Webisode

As an active Youtuber and reality TV hater I was ecstatic when my big brother Mason Jamal told me about his brand new web series, “Mason & Mira: He Says/She Says”.

The webisodes are hosted by Mason Jamal and the beautiful Mira Raye, their on-screen chemistry coupled with entertaining commentary on current events and relationships are a match made in YouTube heaven.

“The two pull from their own experiences and misadventures to provide their audiences with humorous and honest observations on matters of the heart, head and hormones”. Source:

Mason Jamal has written for Essence Magazine, (Huffington Post-AOL), and (The Washington Post) to name a few. Mira has performed in Michael Matthews’ I Need a Man and has recently contributed to a newly released motivational book titled “Pursue It With All You Got”.

Their working relationship started when the two enrolled as students at the University of Cincinnati where they hosted a popular weekly talk show together. Years later with children, marriages and divorce under their belts the two have reunited to dazzle a brand new audience with fresh perspectives and witty banter.

Please enjoy the latest episode of Mason & Mira: He Says/She Says sponsored by yours truly- Goddess Intellect.

For more exciting episodes of Mason & Mira please visit their brand new website.

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  1. Nikks (Reply) on Thursday 3, 2012

    They definitely work well together. Very well put together and they’re hilarious. Wishing them well!