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Goddess Spotlights: Thea Mitchell Make Up Artist To The Stars

Last month, I hosted the first ever Bedroom Eye Social in conjunction with Cocoa Bloom Make up Studios. The Bedroom Eye Social is an intimate social event that combines make up and girl talk. Thea Mitchell makeup artist, instructor and owner of Cocoa Bloom Studios conducts a makeup application demonstration on a live model and provides each guest with a mini one-on-one consultation. To spice up the night I conduct a short discussion on a relationship topic.

Cocoa Bloom is not only a makeup boutique; it’s a high quality Canadian cosmetic line that is geared towards women of color. Most women of color can recall a frustrating make up counter experience not being able to find the right shade or getting a makeover that has you looking like Homie Da Clown!

The Bedroom Eye Socials eliminate that hustle and bustle of the traditional make up counter, your one-on-one consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions and the confidence put your best face forward.

Thea Mitchell has worked on famous faces including one of my favorite artists Jill Scott. I sat down to get the Coles Notes version of what makes the Cocoa Bloom line a must have for women of color:

 1) How did Cocoa Bloom Cosmetic line & classes care get started? And how did you choose the name?

Cocoa Bloom is a cosmetic line where “cocoa” shades (women of colour) “bloom” (are nurtured and flourish). Although our products are inclusive (we have shades to facilitate a global clientele), darker shades are our muse.

I have been a makeup artist since the late 90s, working in the entertainment industry while also teaching the Makeup Certificate Course at a local college here in Toronto. Providing makeup options to people in my community (who I believe have been under serviced by mainstream cosmetic lines), has been a passion of mine for many years. Our company has evolved over a 10 year period which has included a rebranding of our former name, deadSEXY! Cosmetics and a more targeted message to our core consumer, women of colour.

Opening the studio to offer products and workshops felt like a natural progression to build on the brand and spread the message. I really want to educate women on what to look for in choosing cosmetics that will enhance them properly. Women of colour in particular need to feel empowered as we have beauty needs that are specific to our community which differ to women from other cultural groups (i.e. as we mature, uneven skin tone is a major beauty issue, whereas with women from a European background, it’s wrinkles). Being able to provide a space where we can gather to focus on these goals is a great feeling, because it’s so unique to our community.

2) Where are you based? Can people from all over by your product?

We are based in Toronto, but have an online store with a selection of our products. We are currently in the process of upgrading our website to offer even more.

3) What separates you from other cosmetic boutiques/businesses?

Thea Mitchell

Thea Mitchell Owner of Cocoa Bloom Studios

First of all, we offer a full range of foundation colour options for women who are in the medium/deep category (i.e. Gabrielle Union, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson).  We’ve found that this group is often overlooked in most mainstream cosmetic lines, with only 1 or 2 choices to cater to this diverse range of skin tones.

Although our line is inclusive (in that we have shades from the palest ivory to the deepest ebony) we are especially proud of the fact that women of colour can truly feel confident in finding a match at Cocoa Bloom Cosmetics.

Secondly, our products are highly pigmented to address the issue of hyper pigmentation on the face (multi-tonal skin) and uneven lip tones; two common beauty concerns in our community.  We were also conscious of the “chalky makeup effect” that’s a huge bone of contention when it comes to how colours translate on darker skin tones. So we’ve taken special care to formulate our line with products that truly enhance while offering added benefits like apricot oil, vitamin E, and amino acids to keep the skin healthy too.

4) What are 3 mistakes we often make when applying makeup?

Too heavy on the foundation application. There’s nothing more unflattering than seeing makeup caked on. it’s better to give a lighter application to the entire face first and then dot on extra to the areas that need more coverage. This way it looks more natural;

Using black to fill in brows. Even if your hair is jet black, black brows look too harsh on your face. Instead soften the effect by choosing a black/brown;

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation. If a shade is too light it tends to look like a mask.

5) What are your top 3 products and why?

H2o Liquid Powder Foundation

– Our customers love it because it has great coverage but feels weightless. It’s highly concentrated (a little goes a long way) and is reasonably priced.

Lipstick shademakeup sex” – it’s the perfect red lipstick that suits any shade of skin tone. Just like the little black dress, the right red lipstick is a must-have  in your “makeup closet”

Blush shadeecstasy“- a gorgeous coral with a hint of gold shimmer that gives the perfect “flirty-girl” effect.

 Last month we had a blast discussing flirting and relationships. Each guest goes home with a swag bag and a handful of makeup tips and tricks. It was really awesome to see how minor changes to make up application can help bring forth your best features.

The best part about the Bedroom Eye Social is that it’s intimate and laid back. We sipped glasses of wine, snacked on finger foods, asking all our burning relationship and make up questions.

Later this month I will be hosting two more Bedroom Eye Socials before the end of the year. The focus will be on skin tones and seduction. You don’t want to miss these exclusive workshops!

 Upcoming dates: November 22nd & November 29th.

Fee: $60 Includes refreshments & swag bag with goodies from Cocoa Bloom & Goddess

 Please RSVP by sending an email to

You will receive payment instructions from there.

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