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How Not To Act When Meeting The In-Laws For The First Time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. Yes by now you should be knee deep in holiday preparations, gift shopping, and meal planning or preparing to take off to go visit family. If you’ve recently taken your relationship further in the commitment department, then you may be doing things differently this year by going to spend the holidays with your what- In laws. For the purpose of this post in laws will be defined as the family of your significant other whether or not you’re married. I have done this because whether or not you’re at the point in your relationship where marriage is being discussed, the introduction and impression you make on the other family is CRUCIAL. This visit could make or break the relationship, so I’ve conjured up a list of important points that will help you score big with the in-laws this holiday season.

  • Do not suck up: People can genuinely smell fake from a mile away. The in genuine compliments on your new mama’s uber festive Christmas sweater are unnecessary. Be pleasant, but more importantly be authentic.
  • Do not sit out on the sidelines: You are not just another friend your partner is bringing home to chill with. One day you may potentially be a cherished member of the family so play your part. Offer to help out in the kitchen and with clean up. Participate in family traditions or activities such as caroling or watching the game.
  • Do not participate in disagreements: There may be a member of the family under the same roof who does not get along with another member, which is their issue. Be cordial with everyone and treat them equally. All families argue and some people will never get along, however keep in mind that you are coming to dinner with a clean slate. Create your own relationship with the family instead of listening to opinion of others.
  • Do not arrive empty handed: Always bring something to the house you’re visiting, and this does not only apply to in laws, this is basic house guest etiquette really. Instead of the traditional bottle of wine, bring a dessert or even better- one of your partner’s favorite dishes. Always bring a small hostess gift for your partner’s mother.
  • Do not ignore your boo: It’s a big step introducing your new love to the family, believe me your partner has a case of the sweaty palms too. Ride together, do not hesitate to tell the family about some of the fun activities (outside of the bedroom of course) that you’ve done together. Find out about your partner pre-relationship, you may learn something. Don’t be surprised if a few nekkid booty baby pictures come out of the woodwork.

My best advice is to go into this exciting and often nerve wrecking experience with no expectations and lots of acceptance. Also please be yourself, this is not a massive skill testing quiz, it’s really just another phase in life. The new family just wants to know that you have their son or daughter’s best interests at heart.

What Do you have any advice for anyone meeting their in laws for the first time?

If you have questions about meeting your in laws or a funny story about meeting the in laws send me an email or post below!

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