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Intimate and Interactive With UK Glamor Model Elisha Jade

This Wednesday I’ll be swapping my busy house of three for an intimate and interactive evening with UK Glamor model Elisha Jade. In this exclusive ‘girl on girl’ interview we find out why sexual harassment in the industry often gets disregarded and unchallenged, barriers ethnic models face in the UK as well as an in-depth look at Elisha’s life behind the lenses.

Join myself and Elisha for 2 hours of sexy time, good conversation and fun. Submit questions for Elisha by sending me a private message or by calling in.

Show Link:

Elisha recently made an appearance in the BBC Documentary “Music, Money and Hiphop Honeys” where she speaks of an unfortunate encounter while on a shoot. Check it out!

Up close and Personal w/ Elisha Jade: Ills of the Insdustry from Nightfall 914 on Vimeo.


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