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Aye yo, aye yo! *taps your shoulder* I have to tell you about an exciting class I’m teaching tonight…

The Friend to Boyfriend webinar is being held this evening at 8pm eastern standard time. In the span of two hours we will discuss how to go from friend to boyfriend, if that will even be your destination with a particular relationship and how to handle the challenges that we often face on this journey.

You may find that your feelings for another are not being reciprocated, you may find that you cannot read your partner’s mind because they are not communicating with you..this webinar helps with that.

The format of the webinar is conference call, we’ll do approx.45 minutes of me talking and the remainder of the time is open for Q&A. The workbook/journal is a mini guide that will be sent to your email upon completion of this program, it is a tool that will be used in helping to keep you on track for the next 30 days.

Here is a list of topics we will discuss:

  • The differences between a friendship, casual sex & a genuine relationship
  • 3 ways to tell what your partner’s intentions for you are in their life
  • How to have “the conversation” (Where is this relationship going?)
  • Why we get hooked to people who fail to do right by us
  • How to Break the cycle and attracting better into our love lives

The registration fee for this class is only $15 and that is made through paypal, please use email to send the funds. Call instructions will be emailed to you 2 hours before we start.

Almost forgot to mention…..You will also receive a recording of the class to keep and refer back to.

If this post is speaking to your intuition act on it and register today.

Hope to chat tonight- We are less than a month away from 2013 are you ready to step your love game up?


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