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Naked Female Bodies and Booty Shaking

Last year I did a show on Menage a Talks, “Are You Comfortable In Your Skin?” that discussed the female body insecurity issues:

The Goddess and panel go in on female body insecurity issues. With the recent fuss over Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video and breastfeeding portraits banned on facebook its clear that the public is still unaccepting of the female form on display as a divine vessel for love, creation and nurturing. We discuss ways to help women get comfortable in their own skin and feel sexy as well as confronting ways society makes women loathe their uniqueness. Our panel will include Nicole Danique (, Mason Jamal of Black Voices ( & former video vixen turn writer/entreprenuer/health & fitness guru Tiara Harris (

This show remains number one on the list of  most listened to shows in Menage A Talks history. Ironically, these issues are still very much alive and well, especially with the release of Beyonce’s new video, “Run The World (Girls)”.

I have skimmed down my social network timelines and view status after status of criticism with regards to the nature of the video. Many are saying that the video is vulgar, The ladies are not wearing enough clothes, there is too much booty shaking and it gives young girls the wrong impression of what women’s empowerment is all about. There are also some who just do not like the song or video, and I mean that is a matter of personal preference, we all have them.

I respect opinions that are different than mine, often I can learn something new from the disagreement, however I can’t help but think back to the show I did last year. A group on Facebook displaying pictures of naked women breastfeeding their babies was reported as inappropriate, Erykah Badu’s Window Seat Video was criticized because of the nudity, and now Beyonce’s dancing around practically naked and booty shaking so she is just “disgusting” and a bad role model. Maybe I’m a hippie, a sinner, one of them artsy types, but I love the female body.

I love the fact that we can use our bodies to house and feed our babies, make love, hypnotize minds, or run a marathon. I love the fact that we look better without clothes than with them on.

I dislike the fact that many of our little girls aren’t encouraged to love their bodies and ask questions about the adult body and sex in an open honest environment without feeling like they are too hot and fast or not pretty enough. I dislike the fact that there are so many predators out there, yet our daughters are allowed to listen to adult music, post youtube videos singing and dress like mini adults.

You see the confusion?

We don’t want our daughters exposed to the vulgarity of Beyonce’s new video yet we cant even sit down and talk to them about the real world and how to love and respect their bodies. I think that if we have more honest and open communications then what Beyonce or Erkyah chooses to do in her video, will not be an issue. See if the shame is taken away from the female body, than I feel as women we will guard our bodies, not hide them, with our lives.

True story, I can tell you for a fact that I got into the most bullshit relationships and attracted failure into my life because at that moment in time I did not cherish the body I had. I did not recognize it’s value, I recognized that other “more prettier” girls had value, but, no value.

So what’s really going on? Whether or not you have sisters or daughters, how would you explain Beyonce or Erykah Badu’s video to a 10 year old girl? Would you allow her to watch it?

How do you view the female body? Is nudity and excessive booty shaking in videos too extreme these days?

Speak on it!

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  1. sunnydelyte21 (Reply) on Thursday 26, 2011

    Ms. Badu…her video was a form of art I would explain to my mini at age 10 that it is art and although people view it in a different light, we should never be ashamed of our bodies.

    Butt Pad…didn’t see her video…so I cant comment.

    The female is a great thing! We shouldn’t be ashamed of what we have. Booty shaking…uh no..I’m not into that and I don’t want my mini to watch that..that isn’t art. Nudity, it depends on what the context is.



  2. Nikks (Reply) on Thursday 26, 2011

    I don’t think we should hide sexuality from our kids. We shouldn’t make up stupid names for body parts and not tell them about sex and anatomy. I’d let my kids watch Erykah’s video. As for Beyonce, I feel her work is different. Her message is different.

    Erykah wasn’t trying to be sexy, Beyonce is all about making money off of being sexy and half naked. That to me is not empowerment, that’s just being a highly paid stripper. But hey, everybody has the go get that money no matter what the cost to our young children attitude. Everybody admires the naked girls.


  3. […] Goddess Intellect discusses acceptance of the female body in “Naked Female Bodies and Booty Shaking.” She also discusses & disagrees with the criticism of Beyoncé’s video for scantily clad women and “too much booty shaking.” On what side of the argument do you fall? Filed Under: latest, quirx Tagged With: Beyonce, black women, body image, cornell west, Dark Girls, higher learning, Obama, women […]


  4. Reggie (Reply) on Thursday 26, 2011

    It is what it is. I think that it’s best to have open and honest dialogue with our children in regards to sexuality and the human form. When my two (now college students) were growing up, I didn’t make up names for their body parts, I taught them to call them what they were. Children aren’t stupid, they’re just naive and ignorant about so many things. Their brains are like sponges and they soak up so much.

    I think a woman’s bare body is the most beautiful image in the universe. This week I plan on blogging about the beauty of women’s breasts and I’ve invited my readers to participate by allowing me to post their own picture…..and I will.

    I guess the way I see it is this Erykah is an artist and Beyonce is an entertainer. I’m not moved by Beyonce’s work. I wish her well and I know she’s talented, but her’s isn’t a mission I’d want my daughter to try to emulate. What she’s doing with her talent and what Erykah does with hers is different in my humble opinion.


  5. Naija (Reply) on Thursday 26, 2011

    Simply-put, I love and admire the female form, but I don’t think that is license to promote nudity. Naked women breastfeeding their babies are still naked women, and in North America, women generally cover as much of themselves as possible while breastfeeding. It doesn’t mean they’re ashamed of their bodies; it has more to do with modesty than anything else.

    Mind you, I’m African and not put-off by images of partially to fully naked women (although the latter is more of a rarity) breastfeeding because it’s the norm for some cultures. Regardless, I don’t plan to condone provocative dancing in booty shorts or running naked in a video to my children.


  6. Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca (Reply) on Thursday 26, 2011

    100% agreed.
    Love this.
    Love it.

    You may enjoy my post on the beauty of porn:

    Or Brene Browns TED Talks on shame and vulnerability: