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Pleasure Principles: Fulfill My Fantasy Giveaway

Welcome to November one of my favorite months because a) my birthday is around the corner and b) the holidays are steadily approaching. I thank everyone for supporting Pleasure Principles the new feature on Goddess Intellect sponsored by Eden Fantasys, where we explore sensuality and focus on enhancing relationships with self and our significant others. It was important for me to bring back a sexual element to the blog in way where it wasn’t explicit or uncomfortable for me. In previous years I wrote tell-alls week after week, and it served no purpose to anyone reading except for the fact that they knew the different ways I liked to have sex. The purpose of Pleasure Principles is to encourage a comfortable and mature approach to our love lives where we can learn and explore without the guilt derogation or shame.

This month we focus on couples and sex toys. At September’s Battle of the Sexes event in New York a few male attendees were squeamish at the thought of using sex toys with their partners. The ladies cried in outrage which mean- Fellas it’s time to man up! Don’t worry I got you…

3 Exciting Ways Couples Can Use Toys To Enhance Their Relationship:

  1. Bath time Will Never be the same: Sex toys for couples are not restricted to playing with a make-shift penis. Get a little creative in the shower with stimulating dual shower heads, a vibrating mesh sponge, or suction handcuffs
  2. Nothing Wrong With a Little Competition: Swap Xbox and game night with friends for a daring game of truth or dare with that special someone.
  3. Halloween Can Be Any Night: Ladies the bedroom is not the place to be worrying about the diet, the restrictions or the clothes you don’t think you are ready to wear yet…Less is more, opt to be a naughty maid, showgirl, or bad cop.

This month in honor of my birthday (10 days away), in typical GI fashion I’ve decided to reverse the tradition of receiving gifts by giving one away! Our friends at Eden Fantasys have graciously donated a $25 Love card which will go to a special GI reader to fulfill their pleasure principle fantasy.

How to Enter:

  1. Subscribe to Goddess Intellect by Email
  2. List Three Best Selling Sex Toys for Couples on the Eden Fantasys website.
  3. Bonus: Your name will be entered twice when you LIKE Goddess Intellect on Facebook.

To Qualify:

  1. You must be a citizen of planet earth
  2. You must have an “Activated” email subscription to Goddess Intellect
  3. Your blog alias Must NOT be Goddess Intellect (awwww maaaan)
  4. Your entry must be received by midnight November 9th, 2011
  5. You may only enter twice under one email address, but don’t let that stop you from entering under multiple email addresses.


  • The winner will be announced on November 10th via a brief vlog.
  • Please provide your name and name on Facebook if you choose to enter twice.
  • With your entry please specify whether or not you want to be announced via vlog!


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