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The Fascination With Dating Criminals

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, for every million made a crime was committed. In fact some of the world’s favorite celebrities and artists were once (and perhaps still are) heavily influenced by the crime world. Hip-hop was once heavily criticized of glamorizing illegal hustle with tales and mantras including the no snitch rule and making ends meet by any means necessary so “the fam” can live well.

Yesterday I spent the day in court, don’t worry I’m not in trouble- in fact I’m a snitch- A good one. I am unable to talk about the case and wish not to but I was there and as usual my mind drifted. There have been a few times that I’ve dated men who have dabbled in and out of illegal hustles.

I on the other hand have not had my run in with the law…In fact I get nauseous when I have to go to court.

I get it. I get the pressure of having to provide, show and prove and cutting corners around the system. I get that the system is not necessarily designed for certain men within the community to succeed.

I get that it could be a short term flip of an investment and then “you’re out” but I then ask myself why I haven’t gone that route to make money.

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It used to be a big moral discussion in my head…Crime does not pay Goddess, it doesn’t girl. I can honestly say that my perception of what is moral vs. what is immoral has been altered.

Educated folks in suits running companies are often some of the most terrorizing criminals on the face of this earth. They need to show and prove to their friends and family just like the dude pirouetting in the credit card fraud game.

I feel that there are honorable crimes, such as getting revenge on someone for hurting family or helping smuggle immigrants into the country so they can live better, but that is about 2% of illegal hustles IMO. Let’s be real, most crimes are committed out of selfishness and greed. I can love someone who commits a non-honorable crime but I find it hard to believe that they can truly love me the way I deserve to be loved.

I don’t get fazed by side illegal hustles anymore however I don’t want to be involved of any illegal activities period. I can’t help but wonder, in the quest for success, is it necessary to go off the straight and narrow at times to get the things you want in life?

Let’s dig into your psyche a little today…BE 110% HONEST: If everything is great in a relationship could the way your mate brings in the bacon a deal breaker?

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  1. Camara (Reply) on Tuesday 27, 2012

    I think ultimately yes, it would be a deal breaker. I would worry every single day that he’d get busted and put in jail for the rest of his life or worst yet, get shot or attacked and die. I’d get premature gray hairs worrying about that everytime we were apart. Worried that i get a phone call identify his body… I know i’m leaning towards the negative here but 110% honest, right? Right!


  2. tori (Reply) on Tuesday 27, 2012

    1. i would be overly anxious as the previous commenter stated
    2. i could get indicted or busted just for living with him
    3. if we had children – they would suffer in the end if something happend to either of us
    4. there are other ways to hustle legally that many hoods dont take into account (flip cars etc)
    5. We should invest in ourselves and build businesses in other ways – and get Out the hood – not into prison
    6. Street hustlin will only get you so far – if you do it – make your money and get out – flip it to somethin legal – its not for life
    7, if you Must hustle to Survive thats one thing – doin it cuz you wanna floss – is a fail