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The Goddess Turns 30!

*Dusts off keyboard* It’s been a minute. The last month of my life has been a little hectic to say the least. I poured my all into taking Battle of The Sexes Show to the next level and surprised myself with the results. We packed the house, folks were treated to music, delicious canapes and eye opening conversation. I can’t go anywhere without discussing the topic of monogamy or the event- I love it!

I’m dedicated to taking the event to  whatever city will have us. It’s time our generation has a voice that is articulate, strong and beautiful. I go on television the odd time and what I see representing my friends and I is straight garbage. What I saw last Sunday was beautiful…we agreed and disagreed in harmony, spoke about our experiences and learned a thing or two in a comfortable environment while having a damn good time.

I didn’t want this post to be about the event but I realize that it’s as much apart of my life as eating or sleeping is. I own it proudly.

So my 30’s are here, I’m at the laptop with my usual mug of green/peppermint blend tea and all is well. I made myself a few promises throughout my 20s while in the darkest moments: to be successful in my career, be  financially stable and to have someone to share my joys with.

What a journey! It’s not perfect but I’m so pleased that I’ve come so far. I love what I do 9-5 and 5-9. Yes I complain at times, want to sleep in and show up late for everything but I am so blessed to have great co-workers and blog fam who’ get the madness. My finances, again not perfect but for more than a decade I’ve managed to pay my bills and stash some savings, and lower this debt without ever ending up on the street. Blessed.

Someone to share my joys with- DON’T LAUGH- On my 29th birthday although I was kinda sorta seeing someone I knew he wasn’t it (so did he smh) so I wished for a committed relationship by the age of 30…yes I did that. At the start of 2012 I made sure to delete all ties to ex boyfriends who were “in waiting” or ‘just friends” except for one.

I forgot about the wish because I didn’t write it down and maybe mentioned it once during one of my group coaching sessions. Slowly friendly conversations, check ins and moral support turned into dinner dates, bowling, sharing deep secrets and the occasional sleepover.

I love that he will never shy away from heavy conversation, in fact he initiates it like a man should when he knows what/who he wants beside him. Thank you for our random morning conversations while I’m on the commute to work. Thank you for making my lfie more beautiful with your artistic talent and thank you for caring more about my family than I do at times ;)

Our time apart in other relationships were for the best…I dont regret a thing.

Hey 30s *waves* I feel good and I can’t wait to experience the rest of my journey. I hope you continue to join me and grow with me.

First stop- The Latin Club…fact: I used to be a Latin music stan…barely understand a word, but music has its own language and I speak it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next week, I’ve got some great new material.

Are you close to or past your 3o’s? If you’ve recently turned 30- Does life feel any different? If so how does it feel different.

If you’re coming close to 30- How do you feel about hitting this milestone? Do you have certain expectations or goals that you wish to accomplish by your 30th birthday? If so what are they?


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  1. Nightfall (Reply) on Saturday 10, 2012



  2. 25champ (Reply) on Saturday 10, 2012

    I already hit 30 lls but I felt great about the milestone because at one point 30 wasnt looking so good. now I live year 2 year just claiming my victories and preparing for the adversity.. Life is funny that way. I just feel good about where I’m at and feel good about where I’m going. Faith can take you along way and as long as you continue 2 believe when the storm comes u will make it 2 c the sun shine ..


  3. Sunny (Reply) on Saturday 10, 2012

    Happy Late Birthday, even tho I already said it on your bday!!

    May 30s is coming close…next year though. I’m patiently waiting for it. I will have 2 beautiful kids and my job, my cat and my house are surprisingly the best things that in my life, and I think I’m heading in the right direction.

    I’m happy that things are happening with you, and I would to be able to attend on of the Battle of The Sexes… if you have another in NYC I will make it my business to be there this time!!

    I wish you the best this year….enjoy it!!