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The Key To Having A Successful Open Relationship

I must admit I’ve been in one or two open relationships before. The involuntary kind, where dude is creeping and decides not to tell you because it’s fun to keep secrets- Joy, rapture, and domestic bliss. I highly recommend you read this article before pursuing such a liberating type of relationship. I love how open relationships are becoming less taboo and more misinterpreted than ever before. We see our favorite celebrities engage in this lifestyle choice. Yes they remain jovial on the red carpet and in interviews so deep down our hidden oversexed side (I’m convinced everyone has one) believes that this must be the type of relationship that could possibly satisfy our physical needs.

After some deep thought and having my imagination aroused by the thought of dancing around the pond, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  1. I’m neither for nor against open relationships, although more against it than anything but that stems from fear of disease, lack of security (Things that are never guaranteed in life anyway) and my Mokenstef-like personality.
  2. You need to be making BANK to have a successful open relationship, especially if you’re a man. Don’t go thinking your “the way my accounts setup” behind will be able to sustain such a sophisticated organization without proper money management and investment capital.
  3. An open relationship doesn’t necessarily mean your bedroom becomes the local In and Out burger. If sex is the foundation of your open relationship being single is also an option- just sayin’
  4. You have to remove jealousy from your vocabulary in order to maintain a cordial open relationship. I’m a Scorpio, this is difficult.
  5. Your level of commitment and honesty will have to be greater than a conventional relationship. I mean we never tell our partners everything but you certainly need to have a high level of trust in your partner especially if you are both agreeing to occasionally step outside for a “smoke”.

Bottom line you’re either strongly against it or curious to see what the hype is about. No judgements here, but let’s talk about this.

If you were asked to be in an open relationship and you really cared about that person- how would you respond? Is a monogamous relationship the only type of relationship that works? Why or why not?

We won’t necessarily be discussing how to have a successful open relationship in this summer’s special 6-week Relationship Vision workshop but we will be targeting issues like fear of commitment, forgiveness and working through what holds us back from having the relationship (yes even an open one) we desire in a supportive online group.


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  1. Sunny (Reply) on Friday 18, 2012

    Trust and communication is a must. I don’t know how I feel about open relationships.. so I have to dig deeper and really thing about this.


  2. (Reply) on Friday 18, 2012

    The way I define a successful relationship is one that lasts a lifetime. If there’s a break up at some point, it means that the couple failed at making it work. I believe that monogamy is the only way to go, to having a successful relationship.