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The Thunder Down Under- The Importance Of Talking Dirty

I’m a G when left to come up with post tittles I really am. This one is just a mess! Inspired by an Australian-flavored all male “show” in Vegas, I used to this title to describe the intimate topic I am about to write about today. At some point in a relationship that has crossed the sexual threshold, protection or a lack of is discussed. The answers are usually pretty cut and dry, no glove no love or I want to feel the calamity or just the tip baby- Just. The. Tip.

At that point a couple decides whether to raw dog it or keep it safe. I think at some point some of us have gone aux natural, especially those of us with children. Whether through sober decision making process or a champagne drizzled haze it’s normal to have slipped up on the protection game, its ok I won’t tell.

Going natural is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with someone. You literally leave yourself open to a deeper devotion or chance of infection, the stakes are high and the pleasure is even greater. As my eyes roll to the back of my head I instantly snap back to reality when the topic of my protection comes up.

I’ve been asked on a few occasions by previous and current lovers to go on birth control pills. Every time that conversation comes up I’ve put a big middle finger stop to it. I remember the first time I had a conversation with my mom about birth control. She never said it outright but she knew that my boyfriend at the time and I had ummmm been yknow *nervous laugh* and she made me go get a prescription. She was very nonchalant about it, I remained in a panic. I’m hoping that I turn out to be that cool under parental pressure when I’m a mother, I really do.

I hated taking birth control and I would miss pills here and there. Disclaimer: Don’t do that! DON’T DO THAT!

I think it was at the age of 25 when I realized that a large chunk of women around me had fertility or menstral cycle issues. There was also this HPV bull going around and new shots they practically begged us to get at the gynecologists’ office. I swore off those pills and anything like it and I remain firm in my decision to be birth control pill free to this day.

This is quite a personal topic and once again I just let you inside my bedroom- Like what I did with the walls?

It’s important to talk about this stuff (sexual health) with your partner and please don’t feel pressured to go on birth control just so that you can feel the calamity. Not every sexual partner you have deserves to have that protective layer removed. I didn’t mean for this to necessarily become a post about testing but while I’m on the subject, it doesn’t hurt to schedule an impromptu testing appointment- date night?

What are your thoughts on birth control and having sex aux natural? Is there a certain point in the relationship folks should stop using birth control?

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  1. Lauryn Doll (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    I’m not a fan of birth control aside of condoms.
    Then again, I’m not a fan of having sex with anyone you wouldn’t see as fit to become the parent of your child. That’s how all that bullshit starts anyway.


  2. Nightfall (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    Great topic.Clearly with how kids are popping out and disease is spreading there is a lot of misinformation out there. I get tested for STDs I’m actually overdue to get tested again. I don’t trust the pill as I feel it creates a false sense of security. In addition I wouldn’t ask I woman to get on that it would have to be something she wants. I prefer condoms. As crazy as it seems I prefer the “control” of seeing whats happening if that makes any sense. I can see the condom, know if it tore, know that everything is contained properly vs just splashing off and leaving up to the woman’s body to handle.


  3. KalleyC (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    I am a fan of birth control. I have never taken the ring but I have tried Depo, and I have tried the Ring (which was my favorite). My decision to take birth control was very personal, and I didn’t tell my husband (my then boyfriend at the time).

    I wanted to have a back up in case the original protection failed.

    I also agree, not everyone who you date or who you decide to sleep should get the okay to go all natural. To be honest, a lot of guys usually try pushing that idea, but I really think it should be a collective decision where both people are okay with it.

    I also agree with Lauryn, I also wouldn’t want to sleep with anyone who I couldn’t see being the father of my child.


  4. Frankie (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    No birth control for me. Those commercials have too many side effects. May cause erythema nodosum?? Da hell is THAT!?! I’m not letting anyone raw dog it without a serious commitment. I need to meet mom and pops, grandma, cousin Boo-boo and everyone else.


  5. Nikks (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    So what happens when the condom fails? Morning after PILL?

    I don’t understand leaving the responsibility of creating/controlling life on a dude and a rubber. Not all men are trustworthy to go au natural or jimmied up for that matter. Condom poppers are real. I hope you’re all using something other than the pill if you hate the pill.

    The consequences are real. I know too many kids paying the price and too many women with regrets and haunts.

    If there are teens reading this, get on something. Don’t rely on a dude and his rubber.


  6. Sweet Nectar (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    I have been on birth control and it is not fun. I would prefer to not be on it and use a condom.


  7. Sunny (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2012

    Birth control….no bueno! I’m no fan…condoms are my friend!

    Lmao at “just the tip” I’ve heard that too many times. No thanks…

    I don’t like birth control because everyone female I’ve know suffered issues with them. I don’t like pills so I tried the patch…it was fine up until it started cause major cramps and coming for a chic who never really had cramps…I was NOT a happy camper. I started buying condoms, just in case he pulls well I don’t have any…I simply as what kind do you use…and pull one out as needed. Call me what you want, I’m prepared.