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[VIDEO] Do Overlapped Relationships Deserve a Bad Rep?

The recent engagement of comedian Kevin Hart to Eniko Parrish started a comment parade on the internet, mainly because of the errrr ummm timing.

Prior to their engagement Kevin Hart had come under fire because it was revealed that he began his relationship with Eniko while married to his ex wife turned reality star Torrei Hart.

Are overlapped relationships always doomed? Is history bound to repeat itself? Here’s what I think:

Please leave your thoughts below in the comment section, I encourage a difference of opinion!

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  1. Jess (Reply) on Wednesday 20, 2014

    Should overlapping relationships get a bad rep? To a certain extent yes. Especially if you abandoned your family. You made a crummy choice… Period. However, after some healing and time you have to release even the crummy ordeals so everyone can have a chance at happiness. The longer you onto things , the longer it will take to get to the “happy place”. I had an ex who cheated on me. Somehow in his mind he felt I should support the relationship between him and the person who assisted in breaking up our marriage. They both made poor decisions that I would never ever give my approval but I did surrender my heart to forgive bc it was eating me up.

    It does get more complicated when kids are involved bc if I question your morals in one area it’s hard for me to willingly give my smiling approval that you assist in raising my kid. My exe’s argument was that just bc she left with another woman’s husband doesn’t make her a bad person. Let’s just say it took awhile for me to see it that way.

    No matter how long it takes for you to heal.., you must allow it to happen or you will turn into a bitter individual. At the same time “the cheaters” do deserve their time in the shame box. Bc the time did overlap.

    I think there were no shady boots involved with Kevin Hart’s engagement. I think the time was a coincidence. But I’m sure it’s hard for his ex wife to see him so successful and she was there when he had nothing. So she reaps none of the benefits of years of labor.


  2. Nikks (Reply) on Wednesday 20, 2014

    I don’t think people’s negative reaction comes from the fact that he’s moving on. I think people are upset for Torrei that he supposedly cheated on her with Eniko. I think any woman would feel hurt to know her marriage ended in that way. It would be a different story if they’d just gone their separate ways and no cheating was involved.

    I do agree with you about the other part of this post. If you didn’t break up the persons marriage and cause anyone pain, hold your head up and live your lives!


  3. Je'Tara (Reply) on Wednesday 20, 2014

    Great video. I thought it was petty that it was the same night as the premiere of Torries new show before I found out it was his fiancé bday so it all makes sense. My viewpoint on this subject has drastically changed in recent years.