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Why You Almost Never End Up With Your Type [Announcement]

I was having a very candid and giggles-filled conversation with one of my cousins the other night. We talked about how ironic it was that the types of men we were dead set on getting in our early to mid twenties just never came to fruition in the end. Girl, yes I had a type. NBA Tall, dark skin, college educated, blah blah and blah blah with a dash of whoop there it is. I may have come across that specimen like twice. On one occasion the college educated slice of 6 foot chocolate was damn near illiterate. He lied like he had a PHD though; luckily I had graduated with honors and smelled that game before it was too late. Then I dabbled in the less than 6 feet range for awhile, that was exciting I suppose, we could see eye to eye on quite a few issues until I put on heels. Then the lightskin things were happening for a bit and by then I had gone back to the 6 foot range. It sounds like I have a binder full of men, but I don’t I’m just old lol.

The point is this type that I had been so focused on disintegrated before my eyes. Mind you I still wanted a mate who was aesthetically pleasing but perfection and this shallow-ass checklist I had was not my objective when dating.

Before I knew it I became a synchronized swimmer practicing routines and gallivanting on dinner dates with a man who was nothing like what I had imagined yet so much more.

Looks matter to a degree. It’s ugly in these dating streets and if you don’t have your priorities and value systems in check you could end up with a Shemar Moore, Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba nightmare. That degree and that ego boosting paycheck can’t hug you at night. It certainly can’t tell when you need some TLC and that LMNOP.

In short -f*ck a type!

On March 28th I’m inviting all my Toronto/GTA readers to join me for the Battle of The Sexes Blinfold Speed Dating Social & Launch of the 2013 Tour. Discover a new way to date, that involves taking risks, being bold and feeling sexy at the same time.

If you’re hitched and happy or miserable I still invite you to join us because there will be food, drinks & dancing all night with music provided by my favorite DJ’s Dynamic Vibe Entertainment.

You don’t want to miss out, my parties are the best & hopefully by then the weather will be warming up.

There may be some surprise guests & giveaways…Gather your people & cop those tickets ASAP!

Tickets are $15 in advance & $20 on the day of (no exceptions)

Admission includes food, participation in speed dating (optional) & blindfold (if participating in speed dating)

For more details visit :

P.s Special mention to Ronnette of Per Diem Vision for designing the Blindfold Speed Dating Social flyer…isn’t it dope? Hit her up for any graphic design work you need, she’s fam!


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