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Get Your groove back!

Join me for Mesmerize, a 5-Week Semi-Private Dating intensive for women that helps improve confidence, love language & captivates love interests.

Discover how to heal and confront what’s holding you back from reaping the rewards of a ride or die relationship in a fun and judgement- free environment! 

The Mesmerize workshop is best-suited for fun, open-minded individuals who LOVE learning new things:

  1. We learn together and at a comfortable pace with the choice to remain anonymous throughout.
  2. We discuss concepts everyone can relate to regardless of sexual orientation,  marital status or race.

Upgrade your love life by loving smarter and stronger. Let’s be real, pain and distrust caused by heart break, betrayal and attracting emotionally unavailable partners cause us to doubt ourselves and make poor decisions, I’ve been there. In the Mesmerize  I show you how to let go of the past, cultivate your capacity to love and attract healthier relationships or improve the one you’re currently in.

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Could you be repelling the love of your life?

This 5 week semi-private intensive  is designed to give you support in a group environment. Each week consist of a 45 minute lecture followed by Q&A.

You walk away with:

    • Tools to help you sustain new/existing romantic relationships
    • A Relationship Vision board for attracting love and prosperity in your love life
    • Confidence & a stronger sense of self
    • A Goddess Intellect Relationship Profile- Could you be repelling others without knowing it?!
    • Release rituals that aide in healing pain from betrayal and abandonment
    • Notes & Recording from each session to keep
    • A Date-Ready Makeover including a style guide


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Week One: Love Patterns Detox
Week Two: Healing Release Rituals
Week Three: Passion Discovery Training
Week Four: Relationship Vision Recovery
Week Five: Q&A 

Your Investment: $147.99



What working with the Goddess is like:

I was excited and blessed to share my time with such an awesome group of ladies who I had the opportunity to learn from, share encouraging words and grow with. Your passion and genuine concern for our success did not go unnoticed, in fact it was immediately evident that our success in the program was a top priority.  

This workshop taught me to stay mindful of life’s daily  presents and made me realize that the moment you relinquish your power to someone else, you’ve already lost. My aha moment was definitely finding out what my emotional needs were and how to meet them. Learning that  was truly the greatest gift, because it brings me that much closer to being and attracting  a  complete person.

~Maliaka Lateeyah, 32 years old


The Commitment Workshop was a great experience.  I was expecting more of a workshop on intimate relationships,  than it being focused on us individually; which turned out to be wonderful in me understanding  This workshop was a tool that aided in uncovering a lot of personal habits and/or issues that were closely parallel to things happening in my life.  I have since looked at situations differently when it comes to my fears or how to handle when I feel my boundaries are being crossed.

I wish it wasn’t over *tear*

~Q’Rae, 30 years old


This workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. I was sad to see it end. I learned so much about myself, and since I’ve started applying what I learned to my everyday life, I’ve felt happier.

~ Camara 26 years old


I want to thank you so much for all the help and lessons you have taught us. I have been referring back to my workbook as needed for refreshers. Definitely enjoyed all of sessions! Thank you for taking the time in coaching us and just letting us vent to you. You are a very special person and have made quite the impact for me.

~D.B 26 years old