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YYZ to LAX: Fourth Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference March 27-29th 2014

One of the ways I force myself out of social hermit mode (introvert alert!) is to attend conferences. In my humble and glittery opinion they are the single best way to network and grow no matter what industry you are apart of. Each conference brings a unique features & benefits to the table, whether it’s highly sought after keynote speakers, groundbreaking workshops, a rockin theme, oodles of giveaways & sponsored events or an exciting combination of all of the above.

I chose to attend conferences that speak to me on every level. Not only do I want to learn the latest and greatest, I want the opportunity to connect with like-minded and more senior individuals who will help me meet my goals, as well as kick back and create exciting memories with other attendees.

Last year while researching conferences to attend in 2014, I stumbled across the National Lifestyle Blogger’s Conference #LALLBLOG14. The conference was previously the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers’ Conference but recently expanded by partnering up with the SoCal Lady Blogger’s Network to form a super alliance.

As always, I do my research and ask fellow bloggers who attend these conferences what their experiences were like. In the event that I don’t know any of the previous year’s attendees personally, I search for and read blog posts from bloggers who attended.

My growing curiosity lead me to participate in the Twitter chat for #LALLBLOG14. I had a few questions and if you ever have questions about conferences, Twitter chats are the perfect opportunity to ask them. My curiosity turned into a complimentary 2 day all-access pass to the March 27-29th conference that I won during the Twitter chat’s giveaway. I was stunned and very excited, heck I’m still stunned and excited *twirls*

Here is a snapshot of what to expect at this year’s National Lifestyle Blogger’s Conference:

The Fourth Annual National Lifestyle Bloggers Conference & Bloggers Junket (#LALLBLOG14) is a two-day, one-track conference focused on business development and growth for bloggers that are focused on “Going Big, or Going Home!”

Conference Highlights Include:

  • Invitation to the Opening Night kick-off Reception
  • Three Keynotes
  • Two sponsored lunches
  • Snacks +  Drinks
  • Behind the scenes tour of the LA Mart
  • Blogger Junket (One-on-one blogger meetings with brand reps)
  • SWAG Bag (Valued at $100+)
  • Opportunity to win hourly prizes
  • Seven workshops/panels, including:

 * Networking for Bloggers in the Social Media Age (Panel)
Expert speakers will provide you with key tools, tips, and must do’s to help you grow your blogging network and avoid burning your bridges
Speakers include @district2ptco @cassiebetts @moxxe @michelleemails@lyssacurran 

* Legal 101 for Bloggers
Rosa Elena Sahugun, one of LA’s leading lawyers, will provide #lallblog14 attendees with do’s and don’t’s in contract law.
She will also discuss libel, slander and defamation and how to keep your blogging business on course.

* How to create a Digital Strategy to Promote and Grow your Blog/Online Business (Panel)
The Digital Strategy panel has the expertise of former FIDM instructor and international marketing professional John Urquiza.
Joining John Urquiza on the Digital Strategy panel will be @mayhemstudios @vickyayala

This #powerhouse panel will make you think outside of your blog and create a Digital Strategy that is well rounded. 

* Not Just a Blogger – Showcasing bloggers that have used their blog as a spring board to further grow their career (panel)
This panel of bloggers made a career outside of their blog, and will share tools and tips for other bloggers to follow in their footsteps.
@MarieDenee (The Curvy Fashionista) @norah_s and @marianthefoodie will teach attendees how to utilize their blog for career growth.

* Maximizing SEO for your Blog/Online Business (workshop)
Learn world-class SEO knowledge from recent keynote from Engage Mexico and founder of Target Latino, Claudia Havi Goffan.
Claudia has created a presentation with SEO strategies that are done by leading Fortune 500 brands that bloggers can use to grow their online presence. 

* Tax Do’s and Don’t for Bloggers (workshop)
The Tax For Bloggers workshop to help us all get our blogging business on course.
A leading Los Angeles “Enrolled Agent,” which is NOT the same as a regular tax pro, will help you navigate tax law to help you grow your business

* The Ethics of Blogging (panel) 
This is our “signature panel.”
Panelists include @mamavation founder @bookieboo, journalist turned blogger@teresagarza, entertainment and lifestyle PR agency founder and radio personality @VesperPR, and Founder and executive director of @DIYgirls and MIT grad, @LuzRivas.

* and much, much, more!!


For the first time, I’m looking forward to each and EVERY workshop/panel. Since I’ve started to blog on a more full time basis, it has become crucial that I stay in the know.

If you’re in and around the Los Angeles area or thinking of jetting out to the city of angels from March 27-29th, please do yourself a favor and consider attending.

Goddess Intellect readers receive a special $200 discount off 2-day all access passes.

To register:

  1. Visit the National lifestyle Blogger’s Conference page on Eventbrite.
  2. Enter discount code: VIPGUEST off of a FALL/WINTER 2-DAY ACCESS PASS.
  3. Tweet @LatinaLifestyle @SoCalBloggers & @Goddess_I  using Hashtag #LALLBLOG14 and let us know you are coming!

P.S- Stay tuned for a special LA-style Goddess announcement in the coming weeks ;)

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    I’d never heard of the lifestyle bloggers conference. Thanks for sharing.